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@2019 Variant Publications, LLC / Hopper Creative Group, LLC / All rights reserved / Used with permission

This collectiable poker chip celebrates book 1's release and has plenty of nods to Abimbola, the infamous warlord from the Dregs who won't leave his warehouse without a poker chip.


This 1.55" clay chip features the series logo, book number, and pub year on the house side. On the value side, a '1C' for 'one Republic credit' indicates book 1 of the series, while the word 'Oorajee' speaks to the planet of origin. This side also includes Christopher's name and the series website.


The orange and yellow color theme reflects the sun, sand, and rust of Oorajee’s unforgiving environment, while the black center speaks to the void overhead.

Collectible Poker Chip (Book 1)