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“Reading the book while it’s being written and being able to interact with the author and other fans has been a whole new level of reading experience for me. Really fun.”

            —Matthew Titus, Recon member


“As a fan of sci-fi literature, being a member of the Recon is a great experience. I am a compulsive reader and my mainstay is science fiction, particularly space opera and military science fiction. ROTG blends both in a way that really draws you in. Being able to watch as the story evolves through reading successive drafts of chapters is fascinating. Even more, being able to contribute to the story, if even by just a tiny bit, is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

            —Mauricio Longo, Recon member 

Would you like an inside look at upcoming books? Or how about becoming a character in a future installment?  Then join the Recon Alpha Team readers (RATs), named in honor of Magnus’ 79th Reconnaissance Battalion, and get exclusive content and bragging rights for life. Your $10/month membership gets you:


• A character in the story named after you.

• A free digital copy of every book that’s published during your membership.

• Exclusive access to Christopher for feedback on the story and character development as he writes the chapters.

• First review and voting on new cover designs. 

• Exclusive Recon-only concept art.

• Invitation to the secret Facebook members group.


*Please note: All membership benefits are available to $10/mos members. Major, Colonel, and General membership levels are for those who wish to invest further in the author and ensure the longevity of the series as high-level benefactors; there are no additional benefits for selecting this levels. 

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